Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recession results in more abandoned animals

The plight of pets doesn't often make top headlines, so I was happy to see this headline on my iGoogle page last night:

Don't dump your pets when times are tough

The article was about dogs and cats, the most common of household pets, but it is a good reminder for horse owners too. I've heard horror stories of horses being abandoned in fields because their owners can't afford to feed them anymore.

And of course, there are a surplus of stories of people who don't provide their horses with food and water in the winter, because they think they can eat snow and live off of dry winter grass.

If the poor economy is affecting your ability to care for your horses, take some hints from the article's sidebar: First see if you can find help, or work in return for board or hay. If you really must get rid of your horses, call around to local shelters. Also, be careful not to give your horse away or send him to auction, where he is likely to get picked up by a kill buyer — even if you have fallen on tough times, your horse still deserves a chance to live!



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