Monday, January 19, 2009

More practice with Michael

Michael and I went out to the barn on Saturday, and we again practiced having him halter Panama.

Panama is curious about having Michael handle him, but he's comfortable with it now. Unfortunately, Michael is hesitant and Panama (little bugger that he is) is taking advantage of it. Michael was taking it slow, just like he did last time, but every time he'd move in Panama would take another step back so that he could continue checking Michael out. He was particularly interested in smelling Michael's shoes, and even once tried to take a bite out of Michael's pant leg. (I blame that last incident on the treats problem.)

Finally I told Michael he was just going to have to get in there and do it. Panama kept turning his head in to Michael to check him out, and I kept telling Michael to push his head away so that he'd have room to halter him, but he was a bit slow on the uptake. He hasn't yet figured out how to tell when you can get away with pushing a horse around a little.

Anyway, Michael finally got Panama haltered, took the halter back off again, and repeated the process. We talked a bit about it afterward, and I told Michael I think he needs to start letting Panama know who is boss when Michael is holding the halter. We'll work on that next time. After that, we need to start working on Michael catching Panama (i.e. walking up to him and haltering him without me standing there to keep him steady).



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