Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day horse rescue

Apparently yesterday at the inauguration, a parade horse named Mouse was injured when he was hit by a truck. The Humane Society of the United States was on scene to provide animal welfare services, and they were able to save the horse.

If you go to the HSUS page on the Inauguration Day horse accident, you'll see a video about the rescue, as well as a few pictures. In the first picture you can see the horse's rear leg stuck in the truck's grill. Poor guy!

The report doesn't include much information on how the accident happened, so I Googled it. According to the comments at the end of this article, the parade horse was backing up because he was frightened of a buggy on the road. When he backed into the front of the truck, he kicked out, entangling his leg in the truck's grill.

I have to say I agree with PETA: Easily frightened animals such as horses don't belong in noisy crowds and parades. It's not like the size and noise of the crowd was a surprise, either — the government has been making crowd control preparations for months. It ought to have been obvious that something like this could happen!



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