Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How NOT to move a horse

I found this video thanks to Fugly Horse of the Day:

This is wrong on SO many levels, but I'll summarize:

* The horses have ropes (read: nooses) tied around their necks, instead of halters with lead ropes hooked to them.

* If you listen to the commentary, at least one of the horses is tied to the bumper — meaning if he fell, that rope around his neck could strangle him.

* The lead horse is clearly lame, and they're trying to make her trot on asphalt with an Expedition "dragging" her (the woman's own terminology!).

* If you're so fat that hand-walking a horse is too much exercise for you, then you probably shouldn't own them in the first place.

Also, did anyone notice what she said when she was complaining about her husband telling her to move the horses? "How you expect me, a woman (slight pause), with five kids and two grandbabies to go move three horses with an Expedition?"

What is she saying here? That being female and having borne children (who are old enough to have their own children) makes her incapable of making intelligent choices about whether you should tie a rope around a horse's throat?



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