Monday, January 26, 2009

Foiled again!

Today is another day like yesterday, only colder — we are expecting a high of only about 15 degrees. Since I blanket at 15 degrees and under, it seems I won't have much of an opportunity to spend time with my horse today after all.

If it gets into the upper teens this afternoon, and if the sun comes out, I might change my mind. I'll have to bundle up if I plan on spending any amount of time out there, and I'll probably only take the blanket off while I groom him, but if I see a chance to visit Panama I'll take it!

In another news, I've decided it's high time I posted some more pictures. I've got to show you how cute Panama looks in his blue blanket (my favorite)! Also, I haven't taken any videos in a long while, as I was reminded when I was browsing horse videos on YouTube last night. I don't often have a chance for someone to videotape me riding (since Michael doesn't have much patience for visiting at the barn), but perhaps I can get a video of something else!



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