Monday, December 15, 2008

Record temperatures in Denver

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago it was 50 degrees. Right now we're in the middle of a record-breaking cold spell: I don't think yesterday got above 5 degrees, and today was perhaps 10 at the most. Overnight lows have been below zero.

Here's an excerpt from a Denver Post article about the below zero temperatures:

The temperature in Denver dipped to a record 19 below zero at about 2:30 a.m. Monday, breaking the previous Dec. 15 record of minus 6 set in 1951.

My dad heard that this temperature was recorded at Denver International Airport, on the edge of the plains to the east of Denver, which tend to get colder temperatures and harsher weather than the city itself. Still, the overnight low in our area was most definitely below zero!

When I went to visit Panama today, he was warm under his blanket, but his armpits (where you usually check to see whether a horse is warm enough) were cooler than they normally would be. I can only imagine how cold he would be without that blanket on!

Another article today discussed how to protect pets during freezing temperatures. I'm glad they ran the article, because so many people (for some reason) don't realize how vulnerable outdoor cats and dogs can be to the cold.

Of course, the article doesn't mention taking care of horses — too uncommon! But my advice would be this: Even if you don't normally blanket your horse, consider it during abnormally cold weather. It may not be a matter of life and death, but it'll definitely make your horse comfortable... and if you're like me, it'll make you feel better, too!



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