Friday, December 12, 2008

More practice loading onto a trailer

I blogged recently about practicing loading Panama onto a trailer. Well, yesterday I finally got out there again to practice some more.

I was lucky that I arrived shortly before the horses were to be grained. I took Panama, my tack box, and his grain into the back pasture with me, which is where my trainer's trailer is parked.

Panama was eager to get to his grain, so I put it all the way back in the trailer. Then I got into the trailer myself on the other side, passing the lead rope across the partition so that I could guide Panama into the trailer.

Panama hesitated to step into the trailer at first, but his hesitation didn't last long. He really wanted that grain! At first he would put both front legs into the trailer to get a few bites to eat, then back out again while he chewed. Gradually he started staying inside the trailer for longer each time. I think he stepped up into the trailer about a dozen times total by the time his grain was finished, and seemed much more comfortable with it by the end. He never put his back legs in (he didn't have to, to reach his grain), but he got the rest of him in!

This time was much more successful than last time. I was so pleased with our progress that I didn't try to push him any further — I just let him enjoy his success. I'll try a little more next time.



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