Monday, November 17, 2008

Unlikely friends

On Thursday, I arrived at the barn around late morning. As I walked up the driveway to talk to the property's owner, I distinctly heard my horse's whinny — the long, high-pitched whinny that he uses to call for someone. (I've mostly only heard it when he's calling for me, such as when he's at a new barn and he can't see me.)

A few moments later, as I was talking to the owner, I heard it again, and I commented on it. The alpha gelding was getting his feet trimmed on the driveway, so I thought maybe Panama was anxious about him being out of the pasture. That didn't seem likely, though, as that is the dominant gelding who picked on Panama quite a bit in the beginning.

The truth turned about to be even more surprising than that scenario, though: Just a short time earlier, the dominant mare's owner had loaded her up into a trailer and took her for a short trip. This particular mare is a close second in command, and is therefore even more bossy than the gelding. Apparently, though, they have become unlikely friends, because Panama was calling for her!

When I found that out, it occurred to me that I had seen Panama and the dominant mare eating side by side the other day. Apparently they have resolved their difference, enough so that Panama became anxious when she was loaded onto a trailer and taken away.

I guess when your entire "herd" consists of four other horses, you can't help but become somewhat attached to them. I'm worried about Panama's attachment to this mare, though, because she is supposed to be leaving in just over a week — her owner is moving cross-country at the end of the month. I wonder how long he will whinny for her before he realizes she is never coming back?



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