Thursday, October 9, 2008

My horse is such a ladies man

My horse already has a new girlfriend at his new home! They paired up a few days ago, so it really didn't take him long at all. She is an older mare who has had a few babies in her youth, and she is very sweet (and, incidentally, very much in heat right now).

Dancer is a dark bay, just like his old girlfriend, so my joke is that Panama prefers brunettes. (He also, apparently, prefers older women.) She is incredibly sweet and laid back, and is the only horse who hasn't chased Panama at all since he first arrived.

Panama and Dancer keep nuzzling muzzles like they're kissing, and both do the funny lip contortions and licking that indicate subordinance in horse language. (Michael jokes that they're going back and forth, saying, "You're the boss!" "No, you're the boss!" "No, you're the boss!")

My horse and his girlfriend nuzzling muzzles

Dancer follows Panama everywhere, and is very sweet and loyal to him. Sometimes the other gelding runs Panama off and starts herding Dancer to keep her away from him, but she always returns to Panama the first chance she gets!

Dancer and Panama

New barn, new girlfriend

My horse and his new girlfriend

Follow the leader

Aren't they adorable together?



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