Sunday, October 5, 2008

My horse in his new home, part 2

Like any devoted horse mommy, I was anxious to see how Panama handled his first night in his new home. When I arrived Saturday afternoon, however, I was relieved to see that although the other horses were still not accepting him, he had no new bites on him, either.

Panama seemed happy to see me. All four horses were in the far pasture, even though the gates were open to enable them to move freely between pastures. The other three horses were hanging out in the barn on that side, and Panama was poking around in the weeds looking for something nice to eat. He came right over to me when he saw me, though.

I shut the gates between the pastures, so that the other horses couldn't hurt Panama by trying to chase him when I had him tied up, and groomed him for a bit. I noticed immediately that he is more relaxed than he was at the last place: His tail is relaxed and pliable when I groom him, not slammed tight against his butt. He stood for me quietly, too, occasionally nuzzling my hair or shoulder affectionately.

This morning he seemed even more comfortable, and although he still seemed somewhat ostracized, it wasn't as bad. All four horses were in the near pasture with the gates between them closed, so I took Panama with me into the far pasture and shut the gates again. There I chased him around a little, and he naturally started free lunging in a nice circle around me, even though the pasture is large and rectangular. Then I groomed him quickly (since I had lost track of time and had a 12:30 pm appointment that I was going to be late for if I didn't hustle).

At the end of the first weekend in the new place, I have to say I am very happy with Panama's new home. The property's owner is very friendly and flexible, and the place itself is quite nice. Since Panama is still settling in, we haven't had a chance yet to explore all the places we can ride nearby, but I am looking forward to it very much!



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