Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My horse and I, back to work!

Today I had a session with my horse trainer for the first time in just over a month and a half. Although I rode him bareback once at his last home, it was a brief ride and we didn't do anything more than walk. Today was our first serious ride since the last weekend in August — the day before I got kicked out of our old barn, actually.

Keeping in mind that he was cooped up in a small corral for all of September, and has only been at the new barn for about a week and a half, Panama did very well today. His only problem was that he really wanted to run, so my trainer lunged him for a little bit and just let him canter as long as he wanted (which was a pretty long time). After he got his wiggles out, he was pretty well behaved.

My trainer rode Panama for a little bit, and then had me get on. She wants me to work on having Panama collect while I am riding him, so she had me practice at both the walk and the trot. Panama and I need to figure out how to work together on this one a bit better, so I'm planning on practicing some more tomorrow.

Although the muscles in my inner thighs are no longer used to posting and very quickly got fatigued today, it felt really good to ride again — and I think Panama enjoyed it too!



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