Friday, October 3, 2008

A horse's unconditional love

I haven't been blogging as much in the last week or so, because I also haven't been going to see my horse as much. I'm afraid he's been pretty neglected: I haven't lunged him in at least two weeks, and I stopped going to see him every day a little over a week ago — which also means that he hasn't been getting his grain every day, either.

One thing I love about horses is that they don't hold that kind of thing against you. I visited Panama on Wednesday for the first time in four days, and rather than sulking, he greeted me with an eager nicker as I walked toward him — even before I made a move to get his grain. (He always nickers when I start scooping his grain.) I greeted him over the fence, and he submitted to me petting and kissing his nose without pulling away — an unusual show of patience, as he typically doesn't like me holding his head still so that I can cuddle with him.

I also was sure to visit him yesterday, and I have plans to visit today, too.

I think part of my reluctance to visit my horse has to do with not liking where he's at right now. Once I knew I'd be moving him soon, I stopped feeling like I needed to go every day. It's not like there's much I can do with him where he's at, but since I'll soon have him someplace much better, I guess I'm saving my visits for when I can do something productive with him.

I'm just glad he didn't hold it against me that I wasn't visiting every day!



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