Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling good about riding

I rode Panama again this afternoon, in my newly oiled bridle and saddle. Although we didn't accomplish much of what my trainer wanted me to work on (getting Panama to collect), I was happy with the ride for a couple of reasons:

1. Because I was able to ride for longer today before my muscles got fatigued, and

2. Because we did accomplish something: Panama was really distracted by the other horses, who had just gotten their grain, so we worked plenty on going where I asked him to go (rather than to the fence or the gate).

Actually, though, I think any kind of ride today, good or bad, would have made me happy. I just feel good about riding again. Plus, it was a gorgeous sunny fall day, which was a nice change after several days of overcast, cooler weather.

I can't wait to start getting Panama out on the trails at the new place! Perhaps this weekend I'll hand-walk him along the street and across the street to the field, so that he can start getting used to being outside of the fence.



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