Saturday, October 4, 2008

Difficulties trailering, part 1

Yesterday we moved my horse to his new home. It was a nightmare experience, and I feel really bad about some of what I put Panama through.

It should have gone smoothly. On Tuesday I scheduled with a guy who hauls horses as his business. I've heard that he can be unreliable, but a friend from my old barn used him about a month ago without any problems, and at the beginning of the week he was actually the only one of several people I called who called me back.

Unfortunately, I should have paid more attention to the reports of him being reliable, because he stood me up. After that first phone call, I never heard another word from him: He didn't call to confirm the night before the way he said he would, and Iwas unable to reach him when I tried calling myself the day of the transport.

Luckily, I had finally gotten a call back from one of the other transport guys, so I called him to see if he could move me last-minute. He could, so we scheduled for evening.

Unfortunately, moving Panama turned out to be more easily said than done, and you'll see in part 2...



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