Saturday, September 13, 2008

The wrath of a horse-carriage driver

I've always spoken my mind freely — but on the Internet, where anonymity encourages abusive behavior, it seems to generate quite the response. Take tonight, for instance: My recent post on the documentary Blinders has incited the wrath of a New York City horse-carriage driver.

Said carriage driver emailed me tonight via my contact form with this message:

I just finished reading your post re: Blinders, the movie about NYC's horse-drawn carriage industry.

Just a cursory glance around your website leads me to believe that you are interested in truth; as a fellow published writer(Michaleen Flynn is a nom de plume, different from my publishing name)and life-long horse lover, I felt compelled to reach out to you with that truth on this topic.

Submitted for your consideration:

[blog URL]

Hoping to hear from you.

I checked "Michaleen's" blog and browsed around a little, then commented on one of the blog posts. I tried to be as polite about it as possible without losing ground, for I wanted to make it clear that I disagree with his (or her?) point of view. Instead of granting me the same respect, however, "Michaeleen" sent me a venomous email (repeated word for word as a comment on both my blog post and a response to the comment I left on his/her blog post), blasting me for everything from Panama's leg wounds last summer to my falls this year.

Whereas before I was "interested in truth," now I am "defensive and close-minded," not to mention a bad horse owner, simply because I don't see things his or her way.

No wonder "Michaleen" wants to remain anonymous. I would, too, if I were that hateful!

Note: Unless "Michaleen" deletes our comments from his/her blog, you can view the rest of the dialogue here.



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