Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I miss mucking stalls

I've been feeling a bit down since getting kicked out of the barn — I've found it impossible to work, for one thing, and as a result I've taken a couple unplanned days off. I've also been thinking about how much I miss the physical work of mucking stalls at the barn. Just a little bit ago, it suddenly occurred to me that the two things might be connected.

Psychologically, I was really thriving on mucking stalls. As a result of all the extra exercise, I was drinking more water — something I usually don't do willingly. I was also getting into better physical shape — losing flab and building muscle — which I was pretty happy about. My overall mood seemed to be improved, too — I was just really happy about doing all that work and spending more time at the barn.

There is probably a physiological connection, too, though. I've heard before that exercise releases endorphins; after a month and a half of mucking stalls, my brain has probably become quite accustomed to all the extra "happy checmicals" floating about. Losing that quite suddenly no doubt has a lot to do with — or at the very least, isn't helping — my depressed mood.

With any luck, though, I'll be working my butt off again soon enough: I am trying to get Panama into a self-care barn, and I plan to make an arrangement with some of the other boarders to help with some of their work if they'll help with some of mine.



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