Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Panama's temporary new home

I spent about an hour with Panama this afternoon. I gave him his grain (I'm graining him now, to keep him on about the same schedule he has been on for the past 8 months) and let him graze in the backyard a little, while I sat on the swings and tried to read.

Unfortunately, that didn't last for very long. Panama has the jitters still, and the backyard isn't exactly horse-proof. Every time he started and trotted off, I worried that he would hurt himself on something. So I put him back in the corral (which is decently horse-proof, though I don't think the fence separating it from the backyard is strong enough).

While Panama sunbathed in the corral, I groomed him a little bit and put on some fly spray. He is shedding like crazy today, because it was cool overnight and this morning, only to warm back up a bit this afternoon. It makes me long for our wash rack and cross ties at the old barn, where I could give him a really thorough grooming.

The only consolation is that this isn't permanent — as soon as I find a better place, I'll move him!

Here's a picture of Panama in his temporary new home:

My horse in the corral at his temporary new home

I took this shortly after arriving. He looks happy to see me, doesn't he?



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