Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panama's neighbors

Today I rode my bike up to visit Panama. I grained him, groomed him (with a new curry and brush I bought him Tuesday), and lunged him.

Panama's neighbors were out in their yard today, and since I've been meaning to get some pictures of them, I grabbed my camera.

First there are four of these guys:

One of the sheep who live next door to my horse's new home

Two of the sheep have black faces and two have white faces. I thought they were really cute and were probably just exotic pets, but the ten-year-old girl who lives where I'm boarding Panama said that the neighbors "had 5 sheep, but then they ate one." I was horrified! Who does that in a residential neighborhood???

There is also a big black donkey who hangs out with the sheep:

The big black donkey who lives next door to my horse's new home

They are all funny creatures. Sometimes — when it's close to feeding time, I think — the sheep will baa at me while I'm visiting Panama. The donkey hangs out near the fence when I have Panama out, and occasionally Panama will walk up and sniff his nose through the chain link!



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