Monday, September 22, 2008

Opposing horse-drawn carriages: A few links

After my interesting encounter the other day with a horse-carriage driver, I was contacted by a couple of activists supporting the ban on horse-drawn carriages. They gave me some good links for additional information on the subject, but most of all their kind emails made me feel much better after the abuse I'd endured from the driver.

The whole incident made me decide to be a little bit more outspoken about horse-drawn carriages, so I'd like to share a website and a couple of blogs with you:

1) The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages website

2) Horsewatch NYC, a frequently updated blog with information and daily sightings of the ills of horse-drawn carriages

3) Carriage Horses - NYC, a similar blog on the same subject

Apparently the behavior of the horse-carriage driver I encountered is not an isolated incident. Both activists who contacted me reported getting abusive correspondence from the same person. Also, I have seen videos — such as this video of a verbally abusive horse-carriage driver — that indicate there are other drivers who have just as little respect for people.

And if they can't respect and treat people with kindness, how on earth can we expect that they do that for their horses?



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