Friday, September 26, 2008

A new, SAFE home for my horse

I have great news — I found a wonderful new home for my horse!

The place around the corner from my old barn hasn't worked out, and I'm worried about his safety at his temporary home, so about a week ago I decided to start looking in earnest.

Finding a place to board your horse is difficult even when you have plenty of time, I've realized. I answered countless ads, and almost every place I looked into was the wrong setup, the wrong price, or the wrong timing (i.e. it was already full). I went to see one place and was considering it but had my reservations, so I was thrilled when I found the perfect new home for Panama today!

The property is over two acres with two separate pastures, with an open barn in each that the horses are free to roam in and out of as they please. (This is fantastic because they can essentially turn themselves out whenever they want.) They are fed good quality grass hay (which I prefer for him), and the property's owner will feed Panama his grain and blanket him in the winter for no extra charge.

The neighborhood is quiet, because of the way it's situated — there's no through traffic. There is room to ride in the pastures, a large field to ride in across the street (literally only 30 feet away), and access to a great network of trails just on the other side of the field. It's a great place for me to work with Panama on expanding his comfort zone, so that eventually he will feel secure riding the trails without other horses.

Also, the neighborhood location and the proximity to bike routes makes it really easy for me to continue riding my bike over to visit Panama.

I couldn't be happier with Panama's new home. I'm planning on trying to move him in the next week, and just paying double board for a month — I'm that excited (and relieved!) to have found Panama such a safe and happy new home!



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