Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A horse's love affair with his grain

Horses are very serious about their grain! Even the best-behaved horse can forget his manners when his grain is in sight. Even at the last barn Panama was at, which was full care, I loved giving him his grain periodically — I felt it probably made him love me more.

That's one of the bright sides of Panama's temporary new home: I'm giving him his grain myself, every afternoon. This afternoon he nickered at me for the first time in the new place as I was getting his grain ready. It's a good sign — he always nickered for his grain at the old barn, but as with other things, he tends to be vocal only when he feels comfortable.

I'm giving Panama his grain in the driveway, right outside the corral gates. That way he's still confined by the fences around the backyard, but his corral-mate can't run him off his grain. Other than another horse who is higher on the pecking order, there is very little that can make a horse leave his grain, so although the backyard isn't horse-proof I don't worry about it until the grain is gone.

Panama has this really cute habit of curling his right front leg while he chews his grain. I call it his grain-gasm, because he acts like it tastes so good he just can't help himself.

My horse's grain-gasm

Isn't he adorable?



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