Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heroic horse saves herd from mountain lion

A few days ago, this story ran in the local paper:

Heroic Elbert horse mauled battling lion

It's not a very good headline, because it sounds like the horse mauled the lion. Unfortunately, it was the other way around: the 12-year-old gelding was mauled, presumably trying to defend the other horses — one of whom was also injured — in the pasture.

And even more unfortunately, the gelding had to be euthanized. I always have a difficult time hearing this kind of story, because I believe that veterinarians are too quick to prescribe death for horses — and owners are too quick to accept the verdict — most likely because actually treating their wounds can be difficult and expensive.

But if you remember my posts about Molly the pony and other horses with prosthetic legs, even losing a leg (long considered a death sentence for a horse) can be managed if both the horse is patient enough — and the owner is dedicated enough.

Of course, I'll never know whether Sunny could have been saved — and maybe it's better not knowing, because I'd feel really bad to hear that he could have been. It's always sad to lose a horse, but it sounds like Sunny was a rare treasure.



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