Monday, September 15, 2008

First ride at the new place

This evening I rode Panama for this first time since moving him to his new home.

He was being a bit of a pill because I'd come to feed him his grain a little later than usual. To make sure he was going to be in an okay mood to be ridden, first I lunged him a little bit. I'm glad I did — he was definitely itching to run! I let him canter quite a bit, which he seemed to enjoy — he kept lowering his head and shaking it back and forth at the canter, like he does when he is feeling playful.

I hadn't felt like hauling my saddle down there (it's being kept in my basement for now, until I have a real tack locker or until I move Panama somewhere else), so I just brought the bridle and rode bareback. That meant no trotting, since Panama's back is awfully slippery, my muscles have had a 2-week break, and we were riding in an area where Panama is more prone to being startled!

Panama needed a few reminders about what leg yields and whoa meant, but other than that he did remarkably well — particularly since for about half of the ride, he had one dog or the other following him. (He did try to chase the dog once while I was lunging him today.) We'll have to practice a bit before he learns where the edges of our "circle" is — he still isn't sure where I want him to be when we are lunging or riding.

Now that I know I can manage a little riding in the yard, I am going to start riding Panama regularly again. Goodness knows, we both need it — the exercise as well as the routine!



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