Friday, September 12, 2008

Bison slaying case

Okay, so buffalo and horses are different creatures, but when I saw this article I thought it deserved a mention on Pony Tales Blog:

Colorado ranch owner accused in deaths of 32 bison

The local paper adds to the story:

Bison slaying like an Old West feud

I didn't know that Colorado has "free range" laws, allowing livestock to roam and graze freely, but it makes sense considering how the region was settled. And it seems like most people who live in the area know what to expect.

My first thought when I read the article was, "This is why city people (i.e. a rich software exec from Austin, Texas) have no business in the country." Only a city person would feel like he had to have "pristine pasture." Furthermore, no one else seems to be upset or surprised about bison roaming freely, and in fact the article states that the buffalo rancher is well known and respected in Fairplay.

Finally, who the heck slaughters animals for trespassing? Even if the animals were being raised as meat (something I have mixed feelings about), they still ought to be treated with dignity. Animals don't understand property lines; it's not fair to kill them over a transgression they didn't even know they committed.



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