Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bad mommy, good mommy

I feel like a bad horse mommy lately. The last few days, I've only gone briefly to visit Panama — really just long enough to give him his grain. Also, I've been going in the evening rather than in the afternoon, when I usually go.

If it weren't for the grain I probably wouldn't have gone at all, which is why I feel like a bad mommy. I've been really busy, though, and I guess it makes me a good mommy to get my work done so that I can generate income with which to pay his board. I just need to be sure not to get into a habit of neglecting him!

Another reason why I've been busy — and another reason why I'm a good mommy too — is because I have started looking more actively for a new barn for Panama. I've been waiting to see if I can get in with a barn near my old barn, so that I can still go trail riding with my friends. However, I am starting to worry about finding Panama a better situation sooner rather than later, so I've started checking into my other choices.

Bad mommy with some things, good mommy with others. I guess it all balances out!



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