Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'This could be a long process'

My trainer came today to work with Panama for the first time in probably four weeks. As I was expecting, he was kind of a pill, though certainly not as bad as he could have been.

He was actually pretty well-behaved at first — until my trainer asked him to canter. After that, all he wanted to do was canter. This is in keeping with some of the other issues I've had with him lately, such as on Sunday's trail ride, when he kept trying to run.

"This could be a long process," Leslie said. Sure enough, it took a while of walking and trotting, and doing so without trying to go faster all the time, before he was responsive to both cantering and slowing down again.

Leslie suggested that we lunge him before we ride him next time, just to get his wiggles out. I'm not a fan of using lunging to tire a horse before you ride them, but I definitely think that Panama needs more of an outlet for his energy. I'm still not cantering him when I ride him, and although he has been playing more with the other horses recently, he probably does need more running time!



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