Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spa day for my horse

After I was done mucking stalls today, I decided on a whim to give Panama a bath. It turned into a horsey spa day: I gave him a very thorough scrubby bath (even cleaned his hooves!), put detangler in his mane and tail, and sprayed a hair moisturizer on his coat.

I can't believe how clean and soft he was after all was said and done. His coat is amazingly white!

My horse after his bath

Spa Day was very long in coming. I've had the hair moisturizer since wintertime, but kept forgetting to buy a spray bottle and mix some (it's concentrated). And about two weeks ago I bought a nice bath brush — like a dandy brush but with a sponge in the middle — but then Panama got hurt and I decided not to bathe him until his wound healed up a bit.

The biggest incentive, though, was that I bought some Cowboy Magic on Monday. I've been thinking about switching over from my usual Mane & Tail, mainly because Cowboy Magic doesn't test on animals — but the smaller feed and tack stores in my area don't carry the Cowboy Magic detangler. But Monday I had something to pick up at the big tack and feed superstore in town, and they had the Cowboy Magic I wanted, so I bought it.

So, having finally used Cowboy Magic I have to say that I love it!!! Now I know why I've heard horse people rave about it. It's definitely worth the price! The detangler made Panama's mane and tail unbelieveably soft and manageable. I highly recommend it!

And the hair moisturizer I used wasn't bad, either. The biggest advantage is that it's not greasy — products like ShowSheen can't be used under the saddle because they make the coat so slippery. I don't know if it was from the Cowboy Magic shampoo or the hair moisturizer, but his coat was extremely soft when it dried!

Of course, right after I got home it started to rain, so all my hard work is probably for nothing. Oh well. He would have gotten dirty again soon enough anyway!



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