Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not punishment enough for animal abuse

I remember reading a story, over the winter, about a Colorado woman being charged with animal abuse. A bunch of animals, mostly horses, were removed from her "rescue" for being malnourished and neglected. Some of them were in dire need of vet care.

Now Alesha Matchett has pled guilty to animal abuse. It seems her deal was that three of the four counts were dropped in return for a guilty plea. Although she hasn't been formally sentenced yet, it sounds like she is only getting probation and community service.

And here's the most upsetting part. Despite the horrible neglect and abuse of her animals, she is going to be allowed to keep as many as 10 "animal units" on her property. That means that she could have only 10 horses (as a horse equals one animal unit), but more than 30 llamas!

Umm, hello?!

While 10 animal units is still less than half of what she had when her rescue, Angel Animals, was raided over the winter, what I can't understand is why she's being allowed to keep ANY animals! Isn't it already perfectly obvious that she can't be trusted to care for them properly?



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