Saturday, August 9, 2008

A horse, a horse, my bathtub for a horse

My husband and I live in a beautiful 1920 bungalow that still has a lot of the original stuff — including a fantastic claw foot bathtub. There's only one drawback — lack of horse facilities — but I've often told Michael that we can't move unless the new place has a claw foot tub, too.

In reality, though, there is very little I wouldn't give up for the opportunity to live somewhere with horse facilities. Today we looked at a darling 1934 farmhouse on about two-thirds of an acre. It would require some work to get it ready for horses (fencing, clearing of debris, etc.), but it's very doable.

The house is great, too — like ours, it has had very little updates done to it. It would also require some work, but mostly cosmetic stuff — new paint, refinishing the hardwood floors, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no claw foot tub — but to my surprise, I found I didn't care. It's a beautiful old house with lots of original character, and I'd get to keep my horse in my backyard! Too bad it's not for sale...



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