Saturday, August 16, 2008

Frolicking in the mud

In my last post, I talked about all the rain yesterday and this morning, and the hassle it caused cleaning stalls yesterday. But I also mentioned that we got a brief reprieve this afternoon. The weather stations are still predicting rain through tomorrow morning, so I don't expect our reprieve will last long — but still, it cleared up long enough to turn the horses out.

Of course, since we kept the horses in yesterday, they were all very excited to get out. I turned all of the other horses out first, and they seemed happy enough — but when I turned Panama out (last), he tore across the pasture, running and bucking. Soon the others were all following suit, and for about 30 minutes they put on a good show for us.

All the frolicking came across as a little suicidal, as the ground was muddy and quite slippery. Panama's girlfriend totally bought it trying to slow down as she approached the fence, and Panama also slipped and nearly fell several times. But I trust that they know what they are and aren't capable of. They may be animals, but they're not stupid, after all.

Finally, as things began to wind down, their thoughts turned instead to rolling. One by one, they all dropped and coated themselves with mud.

It's funny how much horses can act like children. They were obviously feeling restless after being cooped up all day yesterday, and were very excited about being able to enjoy the improvement in the weather today!



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