Monday, August 25, 2008

A disappointing trail ride

After several days back in the saddle, Panama and I went on a trail ride with some other boarders yesterday morning.

Unfortunately, although he had been pretty good when I rode him at the barn, he was an absolute pill on the trail. I think it was a combination of several things: He hadn't had his breakfast (just a snack I gave him before tacking him up), he hadn't been on the trail in three weeks, and he had an unfamiliar horse on his tail most of the ride — a horse who has only been at the barn for about a week and a half.

Whatever the reason, Panama misbehaved for most of the ride. I felt bad for pulling on his mouth so much, but I was constantly having to pull him down from a trot. If he wouldn't have been such a jerk I probably would have trotted, but definitely not when it wasn't my idea.

Because Panama was being such a pill, I cut my ride short by quite a bit. I only did the short loop part of the ride, and then returned to the barn while everyone else went on for a bit. They were going places Panama and I haven't been, and I didn't feel comfortable taking him into unfamiliar territory with him in such a bad mood!

I'm going to try to go on another short, somewhat quieter ride with Karen and her horse this week, and then hopefully go out again on the weekend. In the meantime, though, I'll be riding him around the barn every day this week — reminding him that I'm boss when I'm on his back!



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