Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in the saddle

Panama's leg injury has finally healed up enough that I don't feel guilty about riding him anymore. In preparation for getting back out on the trail, I rode him yesterday and today in our barn's makeshift arena, for about 20 minutes each time.

Yesterday was one of those days where everything goes exactly the way you want it. Panama and I seemed to understand each other perfectly. I lunged him first with the saddle on, then put on his bridle and rode him. He was totally responsive to my commands, so although it was a short ride, it was very satisfying.

Today was a little less so, but still not too bad. I was a little distracted and I think it rubbed off on him. I was also sore from riding yesterday after three weeks' vacation — amazing how quickly you lose those muscles! Still, we got some good practice in, particularly with stopping.

I'm a little nervous about getting back on the trail after three weeks off, but I'm also excited. Wish me luck!



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