Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yesterday's trail ride

Before cleaning stalls yesterday, I went on a trail ride with my horse's girlfriend and her owner. We rode during early afternoon, so it was already getting quite hot. Thankfully there's a lot of shade from cottonwoods and other trees along the creek where the horse trails are.

It was only Panama's second ride with Texas and Dani. During our first trail ride with his girlfriend, Panama was quite calm while Texas was rather goosey. Yesterday's trail ride was much the same story, except that I was expecting it and had Panama lead more often.

I had Panama lead Texas over the first bridge that we come to on the trail. I don't think he's ever led the way over the bridge with his older, more experienced trail buddies, but in any case Texas's jumpiness does affect him a little. He balked a little again about going over the bridge, but after a few pops to the belly he walked over it without a problem — and got lots of praise for it, too! Texas followed him right over.

The other bridge was a different story. Both horses balked at going over. Dani allowed Texas to come up behind Panama and crowd us, which I wasn't too crazy about, but luckily Panama was too focused on the bridge to be startled by Texas's proximity. Eventually it was Texas who led the way across the bridge, at which point Panama followed as meekly as a lamb.

Overall, though, Panama again did me proud by being much more steady and collected than Texas. He is getting more experienced on the trail, and as a result feeling more confident and less apt to spook. My baby rescue horse is growing up!



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