Thursday, July 3, 2008

Preparing to canter

I've been feeling so much more confident riding my horse lately that I've decided it's time to start cantering on him.

I've been a little nervous about cantering on him up until now. The first couple of times I fell off of him, it was when he spooked and broke into a canter while I was riding. He was a little unpredictable for quite a while there, being a baby and all, but also my riding skills weren't all that good. The last time I cantered was on my brother-in-law's horse a couple of years ago, and I felt pretty insecure; and the time before was probably 15 years ago, when as a preteen I took some riding lessons from a family friend.

The riding lessons my trainer gave me recently have really paid off, though, and I'm starting to feel much more secure on the horse. So last week I told Leslie that I want to start cantering on him soon, and yesterday she had me practice a skill in preparation for that.

Basically, she had me time my posting so that I went up when his outside front leg was forward, and sat down when his outside front leg was back. This is preparation for when I ask him to canter with a certain lead.

I'm planning to practice posting with this timing over the next few days, and hopefully next week I'll be able to start cantering on him under Leslie's guidance!



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