Friday, July 25, 2008

People who shouldn't own horses

I mentioned recently that there has been a lot of drama at the barn. Some of it has been related to the change in management, some of it hasn't.

One thing that is going on is that one of the boarders wasn't paying her board — she couldn't afford to. Karen had been trying to work with her, but the boarder was pretty much taking advantage of Karen's kindness. The irony is that this boarder had "rescued" her horses several months ago from someone who couldn't afford to feed them anymore.

Anyway, the boarder left without telling anyone yesterday, apparently waiting until no one was at the barn to do it. I was the one who discovered she'd gone, as I went to the barn to clean stalls and turn everyone in — and nearly had a heart attack when I realized two horses were missing from the pasture! There were fresh tire tracks in the driveway since it had rained, however, and there were no open gates or breaks in the fence, so I knew the horses hadn't gotten out.

It turns out that this boarder had just been told the day before that if she didn't pay by Friday (today), all the late charges Karen had so far been waiving were going to go into effect. So rather than paying the month and a half of board she owes, she took her horses and put a stop payment on the check she'd given Karen last month (which Karen hadn't been able to cash yet because it kept coming back as insufficient funds).

If I thought I'd been surprised by this boarder's immature behavior in the last few weeks, I'm utterly appalled now. It would be bad enough if the money were the only issue, but it infuriates me that she is risking the lives and well-being of two horses whom she apparently can't even come close to affording. Some people just shouldn't own horses, and that's all there is to it.



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