Friday, July 11, 2008

A new farrier schedule

Panama's feet have been growing very quickly since his last farrier visit, so I called the farrier last week and asked him to come out a couple of weeks early. He came yesterday afternoon, and said that if we'd waited until our original appointment, "we would have been in trouble." Panama already had a small chip out of one hoof!

Since Panama's feet were really overgrown at the last appointment, too, my farrier and I agreed to switch to a six-week schedule (instead of every eight weeks). Of course, more frequent farrier visits means a little more expense, but really in the long run it would be more expensive to let his feet go too long and end up with vet and emergency farrier bills!

Anyway, I think that Panama's rapid growth is a combination of a few things. One, the grain I switched him to has a much higher protein content, and he's getting more of it than he was before. Two, he's also getting to graze quite a bit on lush green grass every day, which I'm sure has a pretty high protein content. Three, my trainer and I noticed recently that his butt is a little taller, which indicates that he might be going through a growth spurt (perhaps triggered in part by all the nutrition).

But he's healthy, he's gained weight, and his coat is shiny and sleek, so I don't mind at all. A few extra farrier visits are a small price to pay for a healthy, beautiful horse!



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