Sunday, July 6, 2008

My new trail riding saddle pad

Do you remember that saddle pad with pockets that I really wanted for trail riding? Well, I ordered it! Today was the first trail ride I'd gone on since it came, about two weeks ago.

The pad is fabulous — the half fleece provides plenty of padding under the saddle, and the pockets are roomy and very sturdy. Plus, Panama just looks so cute in green!

My horse wearing his new saddle pad

English saddle pad with pockets

The saddle pad is perfect for trail rides, because the pockets give you plenty of room to carry stuff — without carrying saddle bags that bang against your horse's sides! The stuff I carried in the pockets didn't bang around at all. Next time I am going to try carrying a water bottle — there's plenty of room, and I want to see if something heavier bangs around. (I suspect even a water bottle won't.)

If you are interested in buying this saddle pad, you can order it from It comes in four colors: white, black, navy, and green. I highly recommend it for anyone who rides English and goes for a lot of trail rides!



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