Thursday, July 24, 2008

My horse is so curious!

My horse is exceptionally curious, and does some really cute things sometimes. For instance, Cat — our new barn manager as of August 1 — told me about when she was raking one of the empty stalls two days ago. Panama stuck his head through the fence around the run, grabbed the rake's handle in his teeth, and shook it! Then of course he was startled by the noise the rake made when it rattled, and jumped back.

Later in the day, Panama did a similar thing to me. I hurriedly put him in just one cross tie, and ran back to scoop a bee out of his water bucket before it drowned. When I returned, Panama was checking out the bulletin board, which he'd probably never had a chance to do before, as he can't reach it when he's in both cross ties. He using his nose to scoot the eraser along on the tray underneath the bulletin board, which was funny enough in and of itself — but then he knocked the eraser down, and cat-jumped backwards as if it had suddenly come alive. And then he jumped again, when I surprised him by bursting out laughing!

My trainer has often said that Panama is more curious than most horses, but it's not often that I blog about the silly things he does in the name of curiosity!



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