Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mustangs made local news

On Sunday this article was in the Denver Post, our local newspaper:

Slaughterhouse, euthanasia possible for wild horses

I wanted to mention it for a couple of reasons: one, because I'm glad the issue is getting widespread attention, even if it has taken a while, but also because there are some really beautiful pictures of mustangs included with the article.

Another good reason to mention it is because the article includes a sidebar with information on adopting mustangs. I've always said that if and when I get a second horse, it'll be another rescue. If I have horse property at that point, I'll probably try first to adopt a mustang. They are pretty affordable: $125 untrained, and $1,025 for a trained horse. (The training is done by prison inmates, which at first thought is a little concerning, but I'm sure they consider the welfare of the horses when choosing which inmates may participate in the program.)

I encourage anyone who loves horses and feels strongly about saving the mustangs to get involved and speak out about this issue!



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