Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jousting from horseback at the Renaissance Festival

Last weekend Michael and I went to the Renaissance Festival. Although he had been there once before, it was my first time — but if I'd known it would be so much fun, I would have gone long ago!

Of course, one of my favorite parts was the jousting, which they do two or three times a day. The entire skit went something like this:

* The king, queen, and their court entered and took their seats
* Each of the four knights entered on horseback and was introduced
* The knights and the king exchanged some banter about the tournament (the knights wanted bloodshed, the king didn't)
* The knights made several practice runs on their horses — hitting targets with their lances, spearing small hoops, etc.
* The knights jousted
* The knights started knocking each other off their horses, and fought with swords on the ground
* The knights bargained with the king to get a rematch to defend their honor (the rematch was the last showing that day)

I had a limited amount of space on my camera's memory card, so I only recorded the actual jousting.

Michael and I noticed that one of the knights was a far better rider than the other three. While the others bounced around in the saddle with every stride the horses took, this guy's upper body barely seemed to move at all. After Michael pointed this out, I watched more closely and realized he was riding in a two-point at the trot and canter. His balance was excellent — so good, in fact, that he was able to twirl his lance impressively as he rode.

Of course, the video doesn't even come close to the excitement of actually being there, but still, I'm glad I got it on video!



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