Saturday, July 12, 2008

I can't wait to start mucking stalls...

I went to the barn this evening to spend some time with my horse and get a short ride in. He hasn't been ridden since Tuesday, and I didn't make it out there yesterday at all, so I wanted to work out the kinks before our trail ride tomorrow.

As it turns out it is probably a good thing I didn't make it yesterday, because I probably would have been pretty upset: Karen told me this evening that the girl who currently cleans the stalls in exchange for board apparently didn't clean at all yesterday.

This girl has never really cleaned the stalls to my liking, but lately it has been deteriorating even worse. Several weeks ago Karen said something to her about it — very nicely, I might add — and in response the girl got mad at Karen and gave her 30-day termination notice.

Unfortunately, she seems to think that since she's leaving, she can now slack off even more. Her cleaning jobs have been getting worse and worse. Last week I said something to Karen's husband (Karen was on vacation) because the poop was attracting so many flies. I cleaned Panama's stall myself one day, it was so bad, and after that Jeff started cleaning it every day to finish up the mucker's half-a$$ed job.

In light of all this, I've offered to start cleaning stalls for Karen several days earlier than I was supposed to start. I'd rather start a few days early than wait and leave my horse to deal with all the manure, the pee spots, and the flies that it attracts.



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