Thursday, July 24, 2008

"But you're MY mommy..."

I didn't expect it, although I should have: Panama seems really confused and concerned whenever he sees me in other horses' stalls.

He's really cute about it. When I clean other horses' stalls, he'll go and stand at his own gate. Then, after watching me anxiously for a few minutes, he'll come over to the fence around whatever run I'm cleaning. Sometimes he sticks his head through the fence and watches me, or tries to bite the rake.

When I'm cleaning in the evening, he's even more persistent about it, since that usually means I'm turning everyone in when I'm done. He stands at his gate and rattles it and pushes against it, as if he's saying, "Come on, Mom — this is my stall — and I want my grain!" In fact, sometimes he whinnies and nickers at me while I clean, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he's saying.

I guess, for him, my behavior must seem really strange. He knows that I'm his mommy, and he's rarely (if ever) seen me in any other horse's stall. So seeing me clean the other horses' stalls has to seem very odd to him.



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