Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A better day with my horse

My trainer and I were having a hard time scheduling a session for later in the week, so at the last minute we decided to one yesterday evening.

I was definitely in a better mood going into it, as I had been working on my computer all day, and had the problems almost fixed. (It also helped that I read a lot while I was waiting for backups and software installations, as reading relaxes me.) Panama was also in a much better mood, and made a point of showing off how pretty he was by bending his head, picking up the right lead in the canter, etc.

Leslie rode first, and then I rode for a bit. She gave me some directions for improving my posture while I posted, and that sort of thing. We aren't able to schedule anything for next week, so I'm going to practice a lot, and hopefully be able to start cantering on him the following week.

I stayed for a little while after Leslie left, and was glad I did — Panama was really affectionate. It started when I went into his stall to take pictures of his girlfriend, who was sticking her head through an opening in the bars in her stall wall in order to watch what we were doing. Panama started nuzzling me, then followed me out into his run and nuzzled me some more. I scratched his neck and shoulder, and he put his muzzle in the curve between my neck and shoulder — like if I were another horse, he would have returned the favor.

Then Panama went and stood in his favorite spot for sunbathing in the evening. I thought he might lay down, and took a video of it just in case, but he just yawned a lot and acted really sleepy. Still, it's a cute video — check out those huge yawns!



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