Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yesterday's ride

Yesterday was quite hot — about 90 degrees — so I went to the barn in the evening. (It's miserable trying to ride in an open pasture when it's that hot — and if I'm miserable, I'm sure my horse is!) My old friend called me shortly before I left, so I invited her to come along.

It had been a while since Cindy last accompanied me to the barn, so she was impressed to see how well Panama is doing when I ride him. Apparently the lessons and practice have really paid off — for both of us! We rode in the arena, and I showed off my posting skills, which I think have vastly improved since my husband took this video.

We were only at the barn for about an hour, but it was good to get a short ride in and spend some time with my horse, since I hadn't been able to make it out there on Friday.



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