Monday, June 9, 2008

A visit from my sister-in-law

My sister-in-law visited the barn with me yesterday. My horse had lived on their pasture until he came to Denver in September, so it was her first time seeing him in nine months.

Panama was pretty well-behaved, considering he had just gone through the indignities of having mineral oil poured in his ears the day before. He did start up putting his ears back and trying to nip at me from behind when I'm leading him — a habit I'm going to have to put a stop to ASAP!

I lunged him to show my sister-in-law how he's doing. Of course, I haven't ridden him in two weeks, so he was kind of a jerk about the lunging. He just wanted to run, rather than follow directions. I lunged him on each side, then unhooked him and chased him around the pasture. He ran like the wind — that was obviously what he'd wanted the entire time!

After Panama had his fill of running around the pasture, he came up to me and walked with me. I love it when he does this — walks with me as if he's on the lead rope, even though he's not. I've even got him stopping when I say "Whoa" and stop walking. It's really cute!

On a side note, the flaky skin has miraculously gone away in the 24 hours since I put the stuff in Panama's ears to kill the ear mites. As a result, I didn't bathe his skin with bleach water yesterday, as the vet had recommended in case of a fungus skin condition — I'll wait and see if it really was the rubbing that was doing it.



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