Monday, June 16, 2008

Panama's bath

I didn't mention it in my post about our trail ride, but after we got back yesterday I decided to give Panama a bath. He had ugly, dirty saddle marks on his back from our ride (I need to wash his saddle pad!), and anyway, it had been a couple of months since his last bath.

Panama tolerated the bath pretty well, much better actually than last time. It is cold water, though, which I'm sure isn't particularly fun — so I made sure to get through the bath part quickly. Then I towel-dried him, put leave-in conditioner in his mane and tail, and let him graze for a while in the yard with the lead draped over his back. (I didn't turn him out wet because I didn't want him to roll.)

See how pretty and clean he looks?

My horse, all pretty and clean after his bath

I did notice that when he's all clean, it's much easier to see his scars. Look at the picture below — the rough lumps right above his hoof are called proudflesh, and were caused by the trailer accident two years ago. The diagonal lines and the scarred area between are from the wire fence he got tangled up in last summer. The mark on the front of his fetlock (ankle) is from jumping the fence around his run earlier this year; I don't know yet if that scar is permanent.

My horse's scars

Even with the scars, I still like Panama much better when he's clean!



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