Sunday, June 15, 2008

A mid-morning trail ride

Today I went on a trail ride with one of the other boarders at the barn. Susie and I decided to ride around 10:00 am in order to beat the heat — today was supposed to get to about 85 degrees, so a little cooler than yesterday, but not by much.

We just did the "short loop" today, which is the only one Panama and I have been on so far. (There are some smaller trails that we take from time to time to mix things up, but the basic loop is the same.) We took a few different trails, and Panama did really well with the changes, including a short climb up a steep and rocky incline.

There was one point where we were trotting, and Panama goosed at something in the brush to the left. He jumped to the right, and my left foot came out of the stirrup. Somehow I lost the left rein, too, and was unable to immediately pull him up. I felt a little precarious, but I managed to catch both reins and transfer them to one hand, brace myself on the saddle with the other, and pull him up so that I could find the left stirrup again.

It was good to get out and ride. I'm glad I have friends at the barn to ride with, although I wish Panama were more comfortable on his own — I would love to ride the trails every day!



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