Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lower gas bills...or a home for your horse?

This afternoon I found this article on the New York Times website, about how rising fuel costs are affecting people who have chosen to live in the country. The article uses Denver and its "exburbs" to illustrate the problem.

The towns or "exburbs" the article talks about — Parker and Elizabeth — have been growing in popularity for years, though not the way that hip urban neighborhoods grow. The article is right: The people who choose to live out here are the ones that prefer the quiet and the wide-open spaces of living in the country.

And, of course, there are a lot of horse people. When Michael and I were looking for a place for his brother and his family, we looked in Parker, and I was amazed to realize how affordable horse property is there. Ever since, I have cherished a little hope of eventually moving to horse property out in Parker.

Although fuel prices won't affect me much, as I freelance from home, we'll still have to consider Michael's commute. Some areas of Parker are actually no farther from his work than we are right now, but Parker extends way east and north from there — and Elizabeth is way too far southeast for his tastes.

Do you live outside of town for the sake of your horses, and if so, how are the gas prices affecting you?



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