Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I want this saddle pad!

I've been wanting a green saddle pad for Panama, since green in his color — ever since I bought his first green halter, I've liked the color on him so much that I get everything in green for him now.

I've been wanting to find a green fleece contour saddle pad for him — his back is so short that I don't like the look of the saddle pad sticking out around the saddle. However, my trainer says they don't come in dark green, like what I want.

I was looking online yesterday and I happened to find this fleece-lined saddle pad with pockets. To heck with the contour pad — I want this one! Not being able to carry stuff with me on a trail ride is a problem for me, particularly since I'm diabetic. My glucose monitor and glucose pills don't fit in my pockets, so I've been leaving them behind; luckily I haven't crashed on a ride yet. I've been thinking of getting some kind of pouch to attach to one of the D-rings on the front of the saddle, but this would be so much more convenient!

The only problem is whether the pad will fit on Panama's short little back. I'll have to measure him for it next time I'm out there!



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