Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hurdles for hauling horses

If you like to haul your own horses when need be, you've probably already been hurting under the rising gas prices. Here's a new hurdle for hauling horses: GM is closing four plants and shifting their focus away from trucks and sport utility vehicles, which have long been the cornerstone of their company.

Higher fuel prices are making many people reconsider buying (or keeping) trucks and SUVs. This article talks about how much more it costs to own and drive a pickup truck compared to a compact, fuel-friendly sedan. Quoted from the article:

That's why more people are deciding that towing capacity and the other benefits of pickup trucks and S.U.V.'s are not worth the costs. The F-250 may still make sense for some business owners. But, as Mr. Fisher says, on those few occasions when the rest of us need to move some horses, we can rent a truck. "The new economics of car buying is, 'Don’t overbuy,'" he told me. "Buy something you’re going to need most of the time."

I know many people who own trucks and trailers so that they can haul their horses wherever and whenever they want to. Unfortunately, it seems that with gas prices rising, truck and SUV sales declining, and now fewer trucks being made, those days may be numbered. I personally don't mind, as I am content with my current situation: I have Panama stabled someplace where I have trail access, and anyway I do most of my riding in the arena and pastures right now. But I'm sure there are others who are — or soon will be — affected.

Do you haul your horses to trailheads or shows? And if so, how are you coping — or planning to cope in the future — with increased fuel prices?



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